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  • Traumatic Burn Injury

    Traumatic Burn Injuries

    Tampa Traumatic Burn Injury Lawyer

    The physical ability to heal and recover from a Traumatic Burn Injury usually varies based upon (1) how deep the burn is and (2) the burn size. There are also psychological, emotional, education, occupational, life style and interpersonal relationship issues to be dealt with.

    Traumatic Burn Injuries are life altering events which affect every aspect on one’s existence and recovery and adaptation takes years. Burn victims must deal with intense pain, itchy skin, susceptibility to infection and further injury, psychological distress, delirium, scars and surgeries. There are adjustments and adaptations to be made in terms of returning to work or school, exercise, healthy eating, and relationships with friends and family.

    All of these treatments cost time and money and may not fully result in your return to the same good health that you were in before the accident. Your insurance and or the insurance of the party responsible for causing your injuries. Florida law provides that the party who caused you to sustain a permanent injury may be required to pay you money damages for:

    The experienced attorneys at Lawson & Associates have handled many different types of cases involving knee injuries. The most important thing you can do if you or a loved one has been injured is to contact us today so that we can begin an immediate investigation, assist you in documenting your injuries and answer your medical treatment - insurance questions. Frequently, time is not on your Side but you can call Us and Put the Laws on Your Side!

    It is important to take steps as soon as possible to collect and preserve the evidence to support your claim for compensation. This means you need our help gathering as much evidence as possible. Evidence may include things such as photographs, videos, witness statements gathered by a private investigator, video evidence of the crash or the circumstances leading up to the crash, documentary evidence such as receipts or in some instances evidence gathered by engineers at the scene of a crash.

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