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    Injured? No Fees unless we win! Auto accident lawyers for Tampa Bay

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    As anyone who has driven through the Tampa bay area can attest, driving in Tampa can be a harrowing experience. Hillsborough County recorded over twenty thousand car accidents in 2009, ranking third in Florida for the most car accidents. Beyond the noticeable effect on traffic congestion, many of us pay little attention to car accidents. USDOT Fatal Traffic Crash Data

    All of that changes when it is you on the side of the road or in the median. Although car accidents are a common occurrence in Tampa, they are never common for the people involved. A Tampa car accident will likely be one the most traumatic experiences of your life. Your first and foremost concern: the health of you, your family, and your loved ones.

    What if you’re able to walk away from the accident?

    Now you’ll have to deal with insurance companies, take time off of work, and possibly go without transportation while your vehicle is being repaired. Finally, even if you feel ok initially, it is very common to experience increased pain in the days and weeks following the car accident.
    Tampa car accidents are especially frustrating when they are caused as a result of someone else’s negligence. Susan Lawson is an exceptional Tampa Car Accident Lawyer who gives each case the competence and compassion all car accident cases deserve. Upon hiring Susan Lawson to handle your case, she’ll answer the Five Hard Questions that are prevalent in all Tampa car accident cases. Such as:
    1. Was the driver texting or otherwise distracted?
    2. Was the opposing driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
    3. How do you get your car fixed?
    4. How do you receive adequate medical treatment?
    5. How do you receive the fair compensation you deserve?

    What Separates Susan Lawson From Other Tampa Car Accident Lawyers?

    One important difference between Susan Lawson and other Tampa Car Accident lawyers is that she is your attorney, and you are her client. That might seem strange to say, but if you’ve ever dealt with other car accident lawyers in Tampa you will understand its importance. Many Tampa car accident victims, perhaps not knowing an attorney, will reach out to lawyers they’ve heard about through the media. Many victims will be lucky to ever meet their attorney, and the ones that do are disappointed by the lack of answers they receive about their case.

    When you hire Susan Lawson, you are hiring a personal attorney. If you have questions, she will answer them directly. Our firm does not place any red tape between the attorneys and their clients. In addition, Susan Lawson will work tirelessly until you, receive the highest possible compensation possible for your medical bills, lost wages and loss of enjoyment of life.

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